Ubuntu 7.10

OK so what about the OLD version of Ubuntu, I hear you ask! Ubuntu is currently (as of Dec 2008) on version 8.10, so why write about 7.10?

That's because somewhere else on this wiki I talk of my preference for Kubuntu (the KDE-fronted Linus from Canonical).

I updated to 8.10 Kubuntu and found the Bluetooth implementaion to be broken. Searching on the forums I found recommendations to use Ubuntus Bluetooth as a work-around.

Why? Why not just use Ubuntu? So I did, and found it wouldn't just set up my screen drivers properly! I have an on-board Nvidia device driver, and it just wouldn't work - everytime I tried to activate it the PC would just go slo-mo!

So having got to like Ubuntu with its Gnome desktop, I went back to an older version - 7.10 - which works fantastically.

I cannot as yet recommend 8.10 either Ubuntu or Kubuntu.

Another minor gripe is backup and multimedia on Ubuntu.

I have been using Keep for quite a while as a good, quick backup program - where is something similar for Gnome?

Also I have a USB TV tuner (a DVB Terrestrial device). With Kaffeine it works just fine - but where is the Gnome equivalent? I can't find one.

So here I am using Gnome with various bits and bobs from KDE also in use. UUmmm!

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