ok ok - I know I blather on about Kubuntu elsewhere on this wiki, but…….

After some hassle with Kubuntu - caused entirely by my own fair hand I hasten to add, I get bored and start fiddling around!, bad idea! -

Anyway, I tried reinstalling Kubuntu from a home-burned ISO image. Couldn't get everything to work, thought I was going soft in the head!

Tried installing openSUSE 10.3 - what a pain - sorry, if you're a fan of this distro - Kaffeine picked up my DVB tuner OK but then announced it didn't have the right codecs. Wouldn't simply go away and install them!

Also have you actually tried to set up a printer in openSUSE? Transparent it aint! - oops! Yet again, my fault. HP printer had aparently hung. Switched off, back on, OS 'saw' the printer and set it up in a flash!

Tried Sabayon linux - very pretty etc, and everything seemed to work OK, but didn't like the mix of Gnome and KDE desktop. One or the other please. And… as it's Gentoo Linux and I've just got used to Debian Linux, adding software, codecs etc is completely different. Aarggghhhhhh!

Tried PCLinuxOS - a nice simple KDE-based distro which simply installs all the closed drivers for you - flash, java, realplayer, etc. Shame it wouldn't boot up after installation!

Thought I'd give Ubuntu a whirl off of a computer DVD. Installed quickly, codecs are downloaded on demand, installed Kaffeine so I can play TV via my DVB box, and installed PyBackup so I can reinstate my backed up data from a USB hard drive!

Dogs doodahs!

Go to Ubuntu for getting video to work.

Doh!!! Can't make up my mind now! Sabayon installed now, and simply working, all current experience is with Kubuntu - it just WORKS, OK?, Ubuntu grows on you very quickly!

Kubuntu/Ubuntu both extremely flexible and easy to set up, preference is probably Ubuntu, but there's nothing which will access my USB DVB-T device! HAVE to install Kaffeine - which is KDE-based - so you end up with a Gnome system with KDE bits and bobs floating around!

Couldn't get Bluetooth working under Sabayon, so have now switched back to Ubuntu. If I ever find out how to get Totem (media player) to recognise my DVB-T device I can remove all traces of KDE.

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