The Onion Router

The Onion Router (or TOR) is a system for using the internet anonymously

It uses a network of proxies and encryption to bounce your internet page requests around randomly selected proxy servers, until it pops out the other side

All your internet traffic is triple encrypted, and a layer of encryption is peeled away by each TOR proxy server it passes through

The results is an unencrypted page request coming from some random TOR router somewhere in the world

This way you (the page requestee) appear to all intents to pop up at random places around the world

All this encryption and bouncing around will slow things down - but that's a small price for anonymity should you need it for some reason

Google TOR for a link to the TOR Project homepage for more information

See also Anonymous Browsing

Go to to get an integrated TOR and Firefox package

For Windows systems simply download the TOR browser bundle for Windows

For Linux click on "More details and languages." and select the correct tar.gz file for your system

Unzip the contents - to a flash drive if you want mobile anonymity - and double click the "start-tor-browser" file to start TOR

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