S-Type Sport Water Leak

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The Jaguar started to leak antifreeze - not too badly at first, just a cupful a month, and this lasted about a year so not too concerned

Then disaster - one day it seemed to shed the entire header tank in one quick gulp, and the heater stopped working - the passenger side seemed to work OK but the drivers side only emitted boiling hot air whatever the settings

The leak increased at this point to a header tank per day, and the heater control valve was clearly leaking

Turned off the climate control and took the car to Mark Meade at MDM Jaguar Services Coalville

Mark replaced the heater control valve, and fixed the control module which always blows when this fault occurs - problem solved!

Needed a top-up during the first week, but no more since (probably an air lock) - been to Bristol and back since (at quite high speed) without further coolant loss

Thanks guys

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