Recently downloaded and tried FreeBSD - well, I tried installing it but got utterly lost in all the questions it kept asking me!

My recommendation? Don't bother, unless you're a real BSD geek - by which I mean no disrespect, just that I hadn't a clue what they were asking me!

Downloaded PC-BSD and burnt it onto 2 boot CDs. This version (it's a distribution of FreeBSD) has a graphical install wizard, meaning even I can install it.

I tried the 64-bit version, and it installed a full KDE system in about 15 minutes. Fantastic!

Only downside was that I didn't read the instructions first and I installed it onto my Sabayon Gentoo partition. Oops! It over-wrote everything!

One other downside was it couldn't mount my Ext3 external backup drive, so I couldn't recover all my data (gigabytes of photos).

It could read networked Debian Ext2 drives, so I assume it just can't understand Ext3!

Re-installed Sabayon Linux, recovered my data, I still liked PC-BSD but next time I try it I'll install on its own partition.

Oh yes - just remembered - also had trouble getting it to see my printer. Will try the 32-bit version next time - there seems to be a common theme here, where the 64-bit version of every Linux won't see my printer!

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