Mum and Dad

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This is Dad Malcolm Woolsey


And in this photo he's wearing his RAF uniform - Dad trained as a Navigator in the RAF at the outbreak of World War Two in 1939


This is a very young Mum Joan Pearce as a Bridesmaid - not dated but she looks about 13


Here's a picture of Mums sister - who died at a very young age - long before Mum and Dad married


Mum (Joan) and Dad (Malcolm) were married in Nottingham in around 1950 - will correct this once I find out the date but here are a couple of pictures from their wedding


And this one was hand-coloured by my Dad - there was no colour film about in those days - well not at the price most people could afford !


This is my Paternal Grandad Edward Woolsey - Dads Dad - dated 1940 in his tin hat


Grandad Woolsey served in the First World War in the new Tank Corp - presumably in the above photo he was doing something with the Home Guard in the Second World War

And here he is with Grandma Rebecca Woolsey


Here's a picture of Maternal Grandad Robert Pearce in his uniform - I assume this was taken during the First World War (1914-1918) - I have no details of where he served


And here's a photo of grandma and grandad Pearce together at mum and dad's wedding (cropped from their wedding photo above)


Dad worked for the Inland Revenue until his untimely death in 1975 - though I think he really wanted to be a Carpenter !

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