Motorbikes are blooming dangerous things - but damned good fun!!!

I found mine in a barn many years ago (when I was about 15-16). It was a 1937 250cc BSA B21 overhead valve and it was in bits!

My best mate (Chris Savage) also found one - but sadly that one was beyond repair and ended up being skipped.

After many months of fettling, it was finally roadworthy (sort of!) and took me all over the place.

How much would it be worth now I wonder - unfortunately I flogged it when I started work because it was too unreliable.

Here's a picture of me with another old school mate (Rob Wilson) behind on his Francis Barnet.


And another one of my BSA in all its glory!


Both taken one glorious summer near Skegness on the East Coast.

And here's what it SHOULD have looked like!


Well actually that's a 350cc B26 - but they looked pretty well identical!

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