More Bad Phorm

Here's a little tidbit to make you think.

Some points worth mentioning :

* Phorm's CEO is directly associated with a company which has a history of developing and distributing the most invasive types of spyware, using techniques more commonly used by fraudsters to steal credit card and banking data.

* This deal gives Phorm access to the full content of every web page you visit, potentially exposing all kinds of personal details to Phorm.

* Phorm employs programmers sourced from the former Soviet Union, whos previous work was in Moscow's elite Lebedev Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering, a vital part of of the Cold War spying effort and still a centre for developing Russia's 'national security' computer systems.

* Phorm's CEO has admitted links with Russia's security services.

* Phorm's equipment will be capable of recording all sites anyone visits, including those of political parties.

* Phorm's own auditors are wary of the controls in place at Phorm, stating that "Because of inherent limitations in controls, error or fraud may occur and not be detected"

* This level of access to communications data far exceeds that routinely available to the police or government agencies without a court order.

This was cribbed from a site set up to warn people about Phorm. Go here for more information.

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