Mint Linux

I've just been amazed………..

I downloaded the ISO for the Mint Linux distribution and burned it onto a CD.

Mint is based upon Ubuntu and therefore uses the Gnome desktop. It even uses the Ubuntu repositories.

It's one of those 'work out of the box' distributions, and boy have they got themselves a neat distro.

The look is really nice, all the codecs are installed by default - as an ex-Windows guy myself, I like that - I'm really not precious about closed source codecs - if they work then use them!

I probably won't do an install of Mint, mainly because I find getting Ubuntu to just work with all the closed source codecs so easy anyway, but also because well it IS Ubuntu with a different face.

May as well stick with Ubuntu now it works!

Sorry guys, but I really do like your distro - in fact I'd thoroughly recommend it for Windows users who want to switch to Linux. If you're at all nervous about making the big switch, don't be, download a copy of Mint and install it (after backing up your data first of course)

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