Lubuntu is the latest addition to the Ubuntu family of Linux distributions offered by Canonical

Using the ultra-lightweight LXDE desktop it runs extremely well on low spec (older) machines

AND it DOESN'T use Zeitgeist to keep a log of what you're up to behind your back!!

Yes yes yes - I KNOW the idea of Zeitgeist is to help the user experience…. but I STILL see it as Big Brother

Besides - I know full well where my files are, and which ones I worked with last - so no I don't need the computer to keep an eye on me thanks

And Lubuntu uses the - dare I say it, Old Fashioned Gnome-type menu system, where everything is where you'd expect it to be, and icons don't float into existence when the Windows key is pressed

Again, I actually know where to find things on my PC, I don't need the computer to make predictions of what I might want based upon what I start typing

All that mallarkey does is use up the limited system resources on my PC and slow it to a crawl

So no Unity desktop for me thanks - and no Gnome 3 desktop either - I tried that and preferred it to Unity, but talk about slow!

By the time the Gnome desktop had figured out what I might want from my typing, I could have found it in the menu system, finished the task, and shut the application down again!

Rant over - but will the system developers please spare a thought for what the PC owners might want, and not go off at a tangent showing off their programming skills? I switched to Linux to avoid having to upgrade my hardware every time Microsoft decided they could make the computer do another clever trick!

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