Logical Volume Manager

Well folks, I've finally bought a massive 1TB USB hard drive for my backups

That releases my old 160GB hard drive in a USB sleeve to go inside the case as extra internal storage space

What I don't want is a separate internal disc - I want to have both internal discs to appear as a single unit

That's where LVM comes in - it manages the individual drives and makes the total storage space appear to the used#r ai whatever form the user chooses

I choose to have both 160GB drives appear as a single unified 320GB space

I'll keep you posted of my efforts :-)

Well, all the printed information appears simple enough - but I've tried and tried and can't get it working

Install Sabayon Linux and it sets up LVM for you, and it works - try it with Ubuntu and it just doesn't appear to 'see' the second internal drive!

I have reluctantly decided to leave LVM well alone - for several reasons

I like Ubuntu and see no reason to move to Sabayon - Sabayon is excellent, don't get me wrong, I just can't get away from the ease, usability and speed of Ubuntu and its Debian base

I actually like having separate drives for each of my big file libraries

- one small (40GB) internal drive for the operating system and My Documents etc
- one bigger (160GB) internal drive for My Pictures - a vast collection of digital images from my Nikon D80 DSLR
- one bigger (160GB) external drive on USB - a large collection of music

Keeping the big folders (music and photos) on separate drives means not having to worry about restoring them from backups every time I decide to do a system re-install (or experiment with another distribution)

I just can't help myself when it comes to trying different distributions - and the best way is STILL a complete install, not fiddling around trying to make them coexist with current OS's

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