Gentoo Linux

Tried downloading the AMD64 version of Gentoo Linux - yes yes, I know, if it works leave it alone!!

Just can't help myself :-)

Anyway, downloaded it, burnt a live/install DVD, set it to install (and if anyone tells you Gentoo don't do an installer, they do, OK?).

Three hours later (and lots of questions I didn't understand) it was STILL installing.

Well call me impatient but life's too short for that. Sabayon installs a complete system, including all the 3d games, media codecs etc, in around half an hour. So Control-Alt-BackSpace, back in with the Sabayon DVD, and back to the old faithful.

I downloaded the Gentoo Live CD and tried it - I have previously tried installing Gentoo will no success, and have recently been a convert to Ubuntu.

The Live CD works just fine - it uses XFCE as the desktop so it's nice and compact.

The installer ran just fine too - the latest graphical installer is simple and straightforward to use, unlike previous versions that asked all sorts of daft, arcane questions.

On re-boot however………

After entering my chosen username and password all I got was 'Username or Password Not Recognised Error'

I KNOW what username and password I chose at install, I tried all permutations of upper and lower case without success - there just seems to be some sort of bug in the setup procedure.

Sabayon worked just fine when using that setup disc - so the underlying Gentoo must be OK, it just seems to be the setup routine.

And NO, I didn't make an error entering my details, either at setup (where you have to enter the data twice to kake sure), or at re-boot.

Off with Gentoo (shame, I like Gentoo) and back with Ubuntu (at least it doesn't take me very long to reinstall Ubuntu from scratch and get all codecs working)

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