Free Europe

Europe doesn't have to drift toward being the European Superstate!

This isn't what was ever intended for Europe, and certainly isn't what Britons ever voted for - either in our General Elections, or in the original vote to 'join the Common Market'

What gives our representatives the right to drag us kicking and screaming into something most of us don't want?

Why can't they simply reflect our wishes?

Isn't that why we pay them?

Go here and vote for a Free Europe

It may not help, but it can do no harm!

Not sure which way to vote?

Unsure how it all affects you?

Go to this link and read an eye opening account of why you should care.

Here's a powerful piece I particularly liked;

"But then the EU has become so morally bankrupt - so devoid of political principle - that in a way Blair makes an ideal candidate.

Any organisation that forces members to vote over and over again until they accept what it wants to do, and which merely renames that which voters have clearly shown they oppose, clearly has no moral qualms left. Perhaps Blair will fit in there after all."

go here to read the full Anti-Blair text;

I say again, why does Europe need a President? Who are these Euros who push us inexorably towards a Federal European superstate? Who voted them in?

Who pays their wages? We do, so they should damn well run things the way we want - NOT the way THEY want!

Watch this video for a damning indictment of the EU - and compelling reason to stay clear of it!

Late News Flash

The UK has voted to leave the EU - so-called Brexit

Big celebrations - could this mark the beginning of the end for the oppressive EU?

Let's wait and see what happens - but at least we in the UK have control back of our own future

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