Crunchbang Linux

I downloaded Crunchbang Linux for a quick look-see the other day after reading some very flattering reports about it

I can reveal that the reports were well founded - Crunchbang is most excellent !

I've not installed it, I'm too happy with Xubuntu to change, but I downloaded the ISO file and burned it to CD and booted into a Live version

You get a very spartan black desktop, with Conky running a resources display in the top right corner of the screen

Desktop is the OpenBox system - extremely lightweight, but very quick and easy to use - and just as customisable as any Linux desktop

I suspect that by the time I got my UbubntuOne cloud storage installed and working, Crunchbang would probably be as resource hungry as other Linux's, but we will never find out because I won't be installing it

One powerful plus point with Crunchbang which may be useful to others - it's the only Linux distribution other than Sabayon Linux to recognise my Wireless network card straight out of the box

Normally my Broadcom-based wireless card only works after I connect to the router via a lengthy Ethernet cable and download the correct BCM drivers

Well done to the guys behind Crunchbang - it's an excellent system and I recommend it highly, especially for those using older hardware


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