Apple Mac G5 and Linux


I've been running an Apple Mac G5 PowerPC on Ubuntu Linux for a while now and thought it's about time I wrote something about it - for none-techies, switch off now :-)

The computer itself is a fairly elderly Apple Mac G5 with quad PowerPC chips (PPC970MP), 8 gig RAM and 2 x 500 Gig hard drives - quite a hefty machine!


The main Linux distributions no longer seem to support this computer architecture - but most ARE kept alive by a core of PowerPC enthusiasts

As I prefer the simplicity of Ubuntu (through several years of trial and error), I have installed the Ubuntu version of Linux on this machine

There WERE some early teething troubles (the machine wouldn't boot up because it would hang when unable to find the wireless network drivers - workarounds ARE available on the internet provided you can get on-line)

However the current version 12.04 LTS is working perfectly

So in conclusion there IS life in the absence of both Microsoft and Apple


Currently running Debian Linux on the G5 as the upgrades to Ubuntu kept failing

Sticking with the core Debian version of Linux seems the best option - it installs a Gnome desktop and just seems to work flawlessly

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