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Me, mum, wife Fina and kids at Emmas Holy Communion

Some history:-

  1. Born - Nottingham a long time ago
  2. Currently living in Loughborough - yeah, I know, someone has to!
  3. Working since school at British Gypsum, East Leake
  4. Educated

My Flickr photos can be viewed at:

This is my Silhouette
myboat.jpgMe and Glyn in North Wales
meandglynMy old bike, a 1937 BSA 250cc with hand gear change.
mybike.jpgMy old dinghy (a Heron)
myheron.jpgMe years ago with my dog Bo
meandbo.jpgMe and Robby (mines a 250cc BSA, his a 175cc Francis Barnet
meandrob.jpgAnd last but not least, the crew! (me standing in blue top)
ooops! can't see the blue top cos it's B+W!

Go to for information on Silhouette sailing boats

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